Energy Efficient Solutions in Brisbane



Want to improve your energy efficiency rating? At Envious Electrical, we can implement energy-saving technology across commercial, residential and industrial electrical systems throughout Brisbane.

Our Brisbane and Ipswich electricians offer a range of services for energy-efficient homes and businesses. Whether you’re trying to cut back on your bills or reduce your carbon footprint, there’s no one better qualified to show you how to save power and improve your energy conservation efforts.

Energy Audits in Brisbane

If you think your home or business could be more energy-efficient, there’s only one way to find out for sure. Designed to reduce power consumption, our energy audit service involves a thorough review process. We can identify inefficiency in your electrical systems and then repair or modify these weaknesses.

Envious Electrical provides many different types of energy audits. For residential properties in Brisbane, we offer a comprehensive home energy audit service. Designed especially for households, this service can assess how much energy your home consumes. We can also review more complex electrical systems, such as those found in commercial and industrial premises.

Installation of Energy Efficient Systems

Envious Electrical can help you maintain long-term energy efficiency. From air-conditioners to home entertainment systems, we can install and optimise any electrical system for energy conservation. In addition to benefitting the environment, making the switch to energy-efficient technology may also help reduce your power costs.

Something as simple as using power-saving lightbulbs or upgrading your wiring system can make a huge difference to your electricity bill. Our Gold Coast and Brisbane electricians have the know-how to modernise your entire electrical system, making it much more cost-effective.

Solar Panel Design and Installation in Brisbane

Installing solar panels is one of the best ways to save energy and combat escalating electricity prices. If you’re worried about the reliability of this technology, rest assured solar power can provide a consistent source of energy to your property.

Solar power works by converting sunlight into electricity and is one of the cleanest (and cheapest) sources of energy available. Envious Electrical can design a solar power system to suit your home and energy needs.

To begin making your home or business more sustainable, contact Envious Electrical today for more advice on our energy efficiency services in Brisbane.



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