Air Conditioning Installation and Repairs in Brisbane




Affordable, Friendly Brisbane Air-Conditioning Installation

South East Queensland has a demanding environment. As modern summers slide between really hot and close to boiling, it’s no small wonder why air conditioning is a necessity in Brisbane.

Whether you own and occupy or cultivate a list of investment properties, the addition of an air-conditioning unit will make a real difference in your life or the comfort of your tenants.
At Envious Electrical, we’re committed to delivering straightforward and friendly service without driving up prices. Your investment comes with an experienced team ready to install a new split-system air-conditioner according to your needs.

We supply and highly recommend the efficient Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) range. Quiet, web built, and competitively priced, every unit is a solid decision.
Finally decided to increase your comfort and install air conditioning? Or maybe you’re looking to replace your old unit for a power bill that won’t make you sweat? Whatever your needs, Envious Electrical has experienced Brisbane electricians to provide affordable air-conditioning installation in your home or property.

To learn more about how to save energy and money with your air-conditioning unit, read some of our tips here.

Do We Service Air-Conditioning Units in Brisbane?

Yes! Our Brisbane electricians specialise in all things air conditioning, so whether you need air-conditioning installation or air-conditioning maintenance, we can provide reliable and friendly service to keep your unit in top condition.

We even have teams of 24-hour emergency electricians based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, so no matter the time of day, we can offer our professional advice.

Stay cool and comfortable this summer with an energy-efficient air-conditioner from Envious Electrical. Call us on 0417 674 106 to organise your air-conditioning installation or air-conditioning maintenance today.

Do We Install Pre-Bought Air-Conditioning Units in Brisbane?

Yes! If you’ve already found the right air-conditioning unit for you, our Brisbane electricians and installation specialists will be on-hand to take you the rest of the way. Our professional air-conditioning installation and air-conditioning maintenance services ensure your unit is in perfect working order.

How Much Do our Air-Conditioning Services Cost?

Worried about the cost to install air conditioning? We’ll keep you cool without the need to burn through your bank account.
At Envious Electrical, we don’t hide unwanted extras to trip you over later. Our price list is simple and up-to-date until June 2017. Prices include all electrical, refrigeration, drainage, and either a pad for ground mounting or a wall bracket.

Other Benefits of our Air-Conditioning Services

You’ll enjoy many years of relief from the scorching summer heat when you choose Envious Electrical for your air-conditioning needs.

We offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty, so you can trust your investment is secure with Mitsubishi and Envious Electrical.

Pre-Bought Units for a Single Story Premises

  • Up to 3.5kw – $550 inc GST *power taken off local power circuit
  • over 3.5kw – 6kw $750 Inc GST *includes new circuit in switchboard
  • Over 6kw $850 inc GST *includes new circuit in switchboard

Supply & Back to Back installation for a Single Story Premise

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2.0KW model no. srk20zma-s $1320 inc GST
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2.5KW model no. srk25zma-s $1420 inc GST
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 3.5KW model no. srk35zma-s $1649 inc GST
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 5.0KW model no. srk50zma-s $2149 inc GST
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 6.3KW model no. srk63zma-s $2430 inc GST
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 7.1KW model no .srk71zma-s $2550 inc GST
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 8.0KW model no. srk80zma-s $2999 inc GST
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 9.2KW model no. srk90zma-s $3699 inc GST

If your property doesn’t allow for a back-to-back installation (demonstrated in the picture above), pick up the phone and call out team on 0417674106 or drop us a line at with a few photos of your property and where you’d like to place the air-conditioning unit. We’ll work out a solution.

Photos won’t do it justice? We’re always available for site visits. After assessing the situation, one of our Envious Electrical installation specialists will deliver an obligation free quote for you to consider.




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