Finding a good electrician

What Makes A Good Electrician?

When you’re hiring an electrician, there are plenty of things to consider.

  • How quickly do you want the job done?
  • How much do you want it to cost?
  • What quality do you expect from the stock they provide?
  • Is everything they do completely compliant with your local laws and regulations?


1. They Need to Be a Bright Spark


Working as an electrician is perhaps the most mentally demanding trade there is. In fact, you’d be stretched to find many jobs that require the same levels of mental arithmetic, concentration, ability and endurance.

Say your home needs a mains upgrade. That most likely means running underground cables to your switchboard – most likely around your garage. But, what sort of cable is needed? It depends on your home’s energy consumption, the distance the cable will need to cover, and the load capacity of the cable itself.

But aside from the bigger calculations, there are hundreds of smaller decisions to make every day. From the alignment of numbers and cables in data points to the fiddly earth testing, there’s barely a chance to switch off.


2. They Need to Have ‘Good Energy’

The best tradespeople know their customer. If something ever goes wrong in your home, you need to feel comfortable enough with your specialist to call them for help. And if they didn’t make you feel comfortable enough to call, that’s them letting you down.
That means more than the quality of the job. It means:
• You received a fair quote up-front
• You were notified of any variables that might affect the accuracy of the quote
• The job was completed in the most appropriate timeframe
• You can trust that everything was completed to the highest standards.
Your electrician should understand your needs – so if a bad electrical situation arises, they’re the first person you call.


3. They’re Switched on to Local Laws

Do you know how many switches you can run off a single circuit? When are safety switches required on circuit breakers? And, if all the actives and neutrals run to the switchboard, where does that pesky green earth go?
There are more laws that apply to electrical licences than you’d think. So, obviously, if you’re wondering what makes a good electrician, knowing the laws that apply should be high on the agenda.


Where to Find the Best Electricians

Finding an electrician that meets those basic requirements doesn’t have to be difficult. The team at Envious Electrical understands what makes a good electrician – and we aim for those standards every single day.
For a free quote on your next job, chat to a friendly member of our team on 0417 674 106 or online today.