The Dangers Of Job Listing Sites

With time being one of our most precious resources today I can see why these job listing sites such as Home Improvement Pages (HI pages) and Service Seeking have gained such a huge market share.

For the customer it couldn’t be easier, post what work you want done, and the quotes will come to you. With service seeking that’s an unlimited amount of replies and with HI pages it’s the first 3 to accept your job.

Here’s what you don’t know. IT’S COSTING YOU MORE. Why you ask? Here’s why. HI PAGES charge a $298 a year fee, not so bad. Here’s why it’s really costing you though. HI pages take your listing and send it out via email, the first three people to see it and want to do it have to accept a “LEAD PRICE”, even for the smallest of jobs in my experience its $15. 15 dollars to get your contact details and provide you with a quote, competing with the 2 other guys who have accepted it and anyone else you might call using traditional methods. So lets say the “tradesman” (I’ll get onto that part later) win 1 in every 5 jobs he quotes, it’s a competitive market, that means he needs to add in another $100 of costs into each job in the hope he covers these extortionist rates. Not sounding so good any more is it? Service Seeking works a little bit different, they only charge you if you complete the job for the customer, sounds reasonable right? Well, they take 9% of the total job costs, not just profit, total job value. So lets say I am supplying and replacing your cooktop and oven, around hours work for me. So my labour charges along with my callout are probably going to be under $150, but the oven I’m supplying is worth $1000. This means the job total would be around $1150 and service seeking want 9% of that, $103.50. So now I’m either making under $50 for my time or I have to add an extra $120 onto the job to cover there cut.

My biggest concern with these sites is whether you are actually getting a qualified tradesman or not. Neither of the sites in my opinion do a very good job in actually checking qualifications, I guess this is because might be less people quoting meaning less in their pockets. I can type in any licence number and it is accepted and it goes completely unchecked. This is downright scary. People trust that because they have listed their job on one of these big sites that they must be getting a qualified tradesperson, but honestly, you might not be.

If there is anything you should take away from this, it’s that sometimes it actually pays to shop around yourself, rather than paying someone else to do it for you.

And finally, always ask to see copies of your tradesmans licences, or if he gives you the number you can actually check it out yourself using the links below.

Refrigeration licence: Electrical licence: Cables registration (req for phone, data, tv, fibre optic):

There is 5 privates companies you can be registered with

if the licence starts with an A:
if their licence starts with an S:
If their licence starts with a B:
If their licence starts with an F:
If their licence starts with a T: