How to Save Your Appliances from Power Surge

You can’t have too much of a good thing, right? Well, for your appliances, too much voltage can have a disastrous effect. Power surges can toast your toaster and damage larger appliances, so it’s important to have some measures in place for electrical safety.
Here are some simple recommendations that can keep you and your appliances safe.

Small Household Items

Smaller appliances have a much higher risk of being damaged during a power surge. Here are some safeguards to keep them from harm:

• Unplug: The safest place for your appliance against a power surge is where it can’t be reached. By unplugging your microwave, dryer, or any appliance when it isn’t being used, you eliminate the risk of a sudden power spike damaging them.

• Sacrifice: That crystal blender you got from grandma may be a family heirloom, but if its wiring has begun to fray, put it away. Frayed wiring is a potential danger for causing power surges and, in some cases, house fires.

• Surge protector: A surge-protector power-board is essential for preventing the spread of a power surge. It keeps the electrical current at a safe level for any appliance connected to it by blocking or absorbing spikes in voltage.

• Don’t overload: Overloading power-boards puts too much heat and energy in one place. Use the ‘unplug’ method above, or go for larger, more capable power-boards.

Keep the joules rating in mind when choosing a surge protector. The more joules, the more power it can handle.

Large Household Items

You can’t just unplug your fridge and air conditioner, but you can still make sure they have a defensive stance against power surges. The best way to do this is to get to the core of your electrical network with these steps:

• Whole-house surge protector: attaching one of these to your electrical panel can protect everything connected to your electrical network from a power surge, stopping it before it spreads.

• House wiring: if it seems like a ghost is dimming your toilet light or sparking your outlets, it’s more likely that it’s dodgy or old wiring. Our professionals can test your household wiring and provide solutions to make your home safe and keep your appliances working correctly.

If there’s lightning above, quick-save your five-year novel and unplug your computer and other important devices completely.
For more detailed advice on protecting your home from power surges, contact our team of electrical experts today. Envious Electrical also offers electrical maintenance and repairs services to keep your home running safely and economically.