Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

There’s no doubt that having electrical appliances around the home has made life easier. But how often do you stop and think about electrical safety? After all, our everyday devices can turn deadly if used incorrectly.

Thankfully, electrical safety at home isn’t too hard to achieve. But to help, the team at Envious Electrical have put together their top electrical safety tips.


1. Avoid Exceeding 10A Via Power Boards

It’s easy to plug a double-adapter or power board in, and increase the amount of devices that can run simultaneously. But not only can it be an illegal practice, it can also be incredibly dangerous.

Let’s say you plug 4 devices into a power board, each pulling 5A. All up, your devices will be pulling 20A out of your 10A wall socket. That can cause an array of issues, such as short-circuiting, and even electrical fires.

There are power boards out there that come with complete protection against short-circuiting, overloading, or surging. But as a general rule, you’re unlikely to run into troubles if a single wall outlet isn’t asked to send more than 10A.


2. Protect Cables

Some simple mistakes can eventually wear through the insulation on a cable, reducing your electrical safety. Some easy steps you can take include:

  • Pull cables out of sockets via the plug, not the cable itself
  • Tuck cables neatly out of the way of foot traffic and pets
  • Don’t jam cables behind furniture.


3. Look Up

Whether you’re flying a kite, playing cricket, climbing a tree or simply doing some housework, possibly the most important electrical safety tip we can offer is to watch out for powerlines. Before you do anything outside, take the time to work out where any powerlines might be, and steer well clear.


4. No DIY

There are some great DIY projects for you and your family, but electrical work isn’t one of them. Licenced electricians know how to keep you safe, no matter whether it’s a simple data point or an entire switchboard upgrade.

For a safe and professional solution to any electrical works, chat to the Envious Electrical team today – either online or at 0427 674 106.