5 Dangerous Home Electrical Hazards

Your home is filled with appliances and electronics that help make life easier. But while these devices offer convenience, they can also pose some serious dangers. Protect your home from these 5 dangerous electrical hazards to keep your family and your property safe.

Defective Wiring

From outdated wiring to dodgy DIY electrical connections, worn or faulty electrical wires can cause electric shocks, sparks, and fires. Your home’s electrical system is made up of several wiring circuits that deliver power to your lights and outlets. While it may be a pretty simple system, it can be dangerous if not properly installed and maintained.

You can reduce the risk of damage, injury, or even fatality caused by defective wiring by:

  • Ensuring all electrical connections are performed by qualified technicians
  • Having your home’s wiring inspected regularly to ensure it meets safety standards
  • Replacing old or deteriorating wiring systems.

Frayed Cords

Worn and frayed cords on appliances and electronics can leave you vulnerable to electric shocks and fires. They can also cause damage to your electrical equipment, as they can deliver incorrect power flow and result in overheating.

If you have power cords that are cracked and exposing wires, you should replace them immediately – just be sure to never handle cords with exposed wires while they’re receiving power.

Overloaded Circuits

Overloading a power point or power board can cause a short circuit, or even an electrical fire. Overloads happen when you plug too many appliances into one power point or board, exceeding the level of amperage they can handle. A few ways to avoid overloading your circuits include:

  • Only use one or two appliances at a time
  • Turn off appliances when they’re not in use
  • Avoid plugging double-adaptors into power-boards, or power-boards into other power-boards.

Outdated Fuse Boxes

Older fuse boxes aren’t designed to handle the high-voltage appliances and electronics used in modern homes. If your fuse box was installed over 10 years ago, it probably needs an upgrade.

If your old fuse box is overloaded, it can overheat and start a fire, and some insurance companies won’t cover homes with old electrical systems.

Proximity to Water

Water conducts electricity, increasing the risk of electric shock. Keep outlets and appliances away from water sources such as baths, sinks, pools, wet benches, and wet floors.

Using electrical appliances with wet hands can also increase the risk of electrocution, so be sure to dry off before plugging in your hairdryer.

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